Lets just put this in perspective for a second. Im sat in a Kölnisch Internetcafe, struggling to find the apostrophe key on their crazy German keyboards. I have doe nothing yet, and still I am having a sensation overload.

Firstly I miss England´s first and only goal so far in the World Cup, no big deal. Everything went smoothly travel-wise. No delays, simple check-in system. My bag was the first off the carousel and I caught a train to my destination.

The only hiccup was that my phone is refusing to find a German network to latch itself onto. This is a problem when you need to contact your host. As it was, I asked someone to send a text message to my host and all was sorted.

Everything is great but I don´t really want co comment  because I haven´t done anything yet! Having said that, on my S-Bahn voyage to the host flat, we encountered the dregs from the Argentina-Ivory Coast match in the city. Within one stop I had Swedish, German, Czech, USA, Angola, Portugal and Argentina fans get on the train. There hasn´t even been a game played in this city yet.

I woke up today and wanted to get to the ticket centre before 11am when it opened to avid queues. Job accomplished, and in fact the centre was just opening at 10.30am. I got straight to the counter and picked up all my tickets without any hassle, and now I have the rest of the day to explore.

The only thing I piucked out from the plane window was the huge cathedral and two purple arches next to it, which I assume is the FanFest. I think I´m going to head there.

Anywho I´m going now because I haven´t done anything yet and I could still write for a few hours more.

Tschüß for now!

3 responses to “Wow

  1. Well you didn’t miss anything, the goal was hardly englands’. Lets not hope that performance is a sign of things to come. Is the phone situation the same, does that mean the bill won’t be high when i get it? Gosh i bet thats the earliest you’ve been up whilst on a holiday!!

  2. Got a cheap German simcard so any calls I make around Germany will be normal price.

  3. keep your sim card then for when your back there in Sept.

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