About this Weblog

Before and during my time in Cologne at the World Cup, I’ll be writing some thoughts on what I see going on around me. Straying from the usual concept of reporting the football or rating the beers, I will be trying to see what I can find that differs from the usual experience.

I fly out to Köln/Bonn on the 10th June following the England versus Paraguay match. During my visit I shall be staying in an apartment in the centre of Köln. My aim is to use my mobile phone and internet cafés to produce up-to-date reports as well as including photos and videos.

I shall be living with football-supporting Germans who know the city inside out. At present I have tickets to the following games:

11th June – Portugal vs Angola (Köln)

12th June – USA vs Czech Republic (Gelsenkirchen)

16th June – Portugal vs Mexico (Gelsenkirchen)

21st June – Argentina vs Serbia & Montenegro (Gelsenkirchen)

A highlight is sure to be the game on 20th June when England play Sweden in Cologne. I extended my stay to include this match and shall fly back from Düsseldorf on the 22nd June.

Get in touch if you have any messages to send or suggestions for my visit!

Joe, Alone in Cologne

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